Oxygen/acoustic therapy

after Waltraut Rudolph

S-K-T combines acoustic therapy with oxygen therapy.

The vast oscillatory output of singing bowls, gongs, cymbals and bells
assists the distribution of oxygen in the human body,
thus allowing each cell to be supplied with oxygen to optimum effect.
Coupling acoustic therapy with oxygen therapy provides a highly efficacious
additional means of feeding the body with oxygen and stimulating the flow of energy around it.
Vitality and powers of self-healing are activated in a natural way without any side-effects.

S-K-T is a holistic approach that addresses body, mind and soul as one.

During sessions, patients achieve a state of intense relaxation.

S-K-T can be used for the following disorders amongst others:
  • stress symptoms
  • psychological illnesses and cerebral malfunctions of all kinds
  • cancerous diseases (raising energy and oxygen levels in the afflicted cells)
  • circulatory problems such as tinnitus
  • various forms of paralysis
  • bronchial asthma
  • pulled muscles and strains of the sort suffered after physical exertion, e.g. when playing sport.
Patients are treated lying in a relaxing position on their backs,
hence this therapy is also ideal for those of impaired mobility.

Potential areas of application:
  • spa facilities,
  • hospitals,
  • “wellness” institutions,
  • physiotherapy units,
  • psychotherapeutic facilities,
  • sports studios,
  • competitive sports establishments,
  • rehabilitation clinics,
  • hotels,
  • nature healing practices,
  • e.t.c..